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Mar 18, 2012 - 0 comments

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Weight Loss



OK, so I did not lose any weight this past week even though I thought I hit the treadmill fairly well, a few weight training sessions and a few long walks as well, not to mention i watched what I ate like a hawk.

OK, so I gained a half a stink'n pound...  

Soooo, I hit a rut.  A wall. The old fashioned and well known plateau.  So what do we do?  Analyze what I did and what I can or should change.  A few things stick out.

First, my calorie count is maybe a bit low.  So, instead of topping off at around 1600 I should step it up to maybe 1700-1800 or a tad more, which is still far below my weight maintain daily calorie count of 2400-2600.  Might help boost my basal metabolic rate and reverse any "OMG, I'm starving..." reflex the old bod-bod may be experiencing.

Second, time to step up the exercise.  30 minutes of cardio (with up to 5+ minutes at anaerobic state) four times a week and two fast paced and hard weight workouts as well.  Also, up to two long walks a week and as much "other" as I can fit in, such as ab work, standing instead of sitting and walking when I am standing doing nothing, etc...  Gotta burn those calories, but not over-train.

Thirdly, time to start on the 7-Keto.  100mg morning and another 100mg in afternoon, preferably with the meal preceding a workout.

Fourthly, and lastly, try to get a little more sleep.  Six or so hours a night is NOT cutting it and can interfere with not only weight loss, but good health and general well being.  Gotta try to hit the sack sooner.  

My goal for this next week?  Well, not only to land that job with Metro but to maybe lose two pounds minimum.  Soooo, if it goes my way I'll get a job offer AND the scale will "say" 181.5 lbs or less!

I hope my wife reaches her goal as well.  She is such a precious person!

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