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Just Once I'd like to NOT Get Addicted to Something

Mar 19, 2012 - 0 comments

prescription addiction







I have quit booze. I have quit smoking. I am now in the throes of quitting an addiction to prescription meds. And, it's not a lot of fun.

No cravings yet - but I know from experience that they creep up on you when you least expect it. Like, yesterday, the thing I craved most was a cigarette!

It's the not being able to sleep that's the killer. And the nervous restlessness. Ooh - and paranoia. However, I have to keep reminding myself that, constipation aside, coming off the booze was worse. I mean - I, in addition to all previous symptoms, had hallucinations, tremors, vomiting, severe depression, loss of appetite - and probably a dozen more symptoms that I can't even remember!

It's the sneaky behaviour that I most regret. I stole from my own mother's prescription. I'm 30! I should be a grown-up! I shouldn't be forging prescriptions! But, even with that, it was still the incapacitating bout of constipation that made me realise just how addicted I was. I couldn't move. And - I still wanted the damn pills!

I still do. But, I'm trying. Cold turkey. Until I can't sleep tonight... No. I KNOW I can get through this. And, it's peanuts compared to what I've already been through. And, hey, I didn't give into that craving for a cigarette yesterday...

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