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Mar 20, 2012 - 0 comments

I am having problems yet again with everything but more so with my 19yr old son, who constantly verbally abuses me and breaks all my things when he gets angry, he says i make him angry because, i wake him up (at midday) calling him periodically, and anything else that angers him he blames me for. I was supposed to go out today but because he has let my daughter down with babysitting ive had to cancel my things so he can sign on  and my daughter can go to college. I am sick of being there for every1 else and no1s there for me. I have a major problem with panic at the moment where i think at anytime i will have a heart attack, dr's wont help, no1 will help and im so afraid to of dying as there is no1 to care for Toby. What a life

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