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MONDAY, 3/19/12, Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Health Log

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Why? Although I did not accomplish that much 'work' work, I did workout by doing hot yoga. Although the early part of my day was 'messed up' due to chills and feeling weak and I had to  nap, I did get food shopping done, which will help in initiating my detox program. Also, I reviewed the detox program again, so I can better digest it and start to figure out what menu items will follow. Also, for the next 2 weeks, during this detox program, I will be resting more than usually- as needed, trying to sleep 7-9 hours a night with naps as needed, so it's not like with that in mind and considering I very recently had chronic fatigue issues that severely interfered with my life and job that resting more is so outlandish. It is a good idea at this point.
I cut out the gym and I am doing just yoga now, which I have done for the last three days, and I am really happy I made the change as I feel much better than just doing the classes, like Total Body Workout, step aerobics, toning, etc. My goal is to do yoga 5x a week and see if that helps me to feel better, since 2 times a week didn't really keep me feeling good. Of all the things I have been doing, exercise really has had such a profound effect on how I am feeling, but now with this yoga, I feel much more balanced and my mind feels more clear each day I do it. I did this at the recommendation of a health professional who does muscle testing and from that muscle testing, recommends Standard Process supplements for various conditions. I always felt the chiropractors who worked with Standard Process gave me way too many products, more than I can afford, but she really simplified what I needed to something affordable. She and an MD I am working with both noted adrenal fatigue issues as well as other issues. Muscle testing showed several organs are in weakened condition. Perhaps this is contributing to my sometimes weak feelings and chronic fatigue.
Tomorrow I am starting a 2 week detox program, which includes eliminating from my diet white refined sugar, caffeine (except from green tea), milk and dairy (except eggs) and wheat (maybe there is more, but that's all I remember). And then I add more healthful foods, more water, exercise at least 20 min a day, etc.

HEALTH CONDITION [4 out of 10 rating]
Woke up, had chills, felt weak, & boyfriend felt the same.

No pains today, yippie.

9 am
1/2 glass OJ

11:30 am
1/4 cup of Spinach Salad (not organic) with toasted, salted sunflower seeds, 1/2 plum tomato in pieces, olive oil, lemon, cayenne, salt.
2 hard boiled eggs, split in half and seasoned with salt, pepper and Gamasio.

3:00 pm
(leftover from dinner previous night)
Small piece of chicken cutlet (about 1/2 the size of my palm) in ginger (small piece chopped. and garlic and touch of olive oil, with salt, pepper.
Asparagus, tomato cooked in olive oil/ coconut oil mix with ginger and garlic left over from chicken.
1 glass of juice [feeling weak, like I needed to have juice]

4:00 pm
Celestial Seasonings Stress Relief Tea

11:30 pm
1/4 cup of beet greens cooked (sautéed in garlic & oil w/ salt),
after cooled mixed with bean sprouts and lemon juice, toped with dulse flake seasoning.

12 am
Cherry Amonde yogurt
8:30 pm
Coconut water, small

11:30-1:00 am
4 glasses of lemon water
7-8:30 pm
2 glasses of water with/after hot yoga
Early AM
1 glass water with vitamins

Hot yoga, 1.5 hours
Walking, 20 minutes

Yes, 2x

Do not use Kosher salt when cooking (tell boyfriend). Eat earlier, before 10 pm. Get to bed earlier.
Do I need that much OJ? Have more hot water during day.
Can I eat Amonde yogurt on a Detox diet? Or avoid because it contains controversial ingredients- "Flavors Natural".
Get menu plan more planned out, so can see when to fit the recipes in for the detox diet program and make sure food shopping is done, so I don't run to comfort foods when no good foods in home. Need to work towards drinking half my body weight in ounces for the duration of this 2 week detox program.

Read Detox Program and purchased food for about 3 recipes, plus condiments and other items on the list. Been doing yoga daily, since Saturday. (Cut out step class, total body workout gym classes, etc.) Did hot yoga today. Keeping track  of how feeling and time management in this weekly log.

ACTIVITIES [7 out of 10 rating]
9:30 am-10:45, Conference call
11:00 am, Shower
11:30, Breakfast
1:00-2:15, Nap (feel chills, weak, so took nap)
2:30-3:30, Emails and mind mapping
4:00/4:30-6:00, Review Detox Diet again and prepare shopping list
7:00-8:30, Hot Yoga
9:00-11:00, Food shopping and health food store shopping, phone calls
12:00, Prepare this recall sheet for time management/ use and food
12-1 am, Emails and computer work

Wish I could fit more 'work' and studies in.

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