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PSI 7977 w/ribavirin 12 week trial

Mar 21, 2012 - 4 comments

Started the tx on March 16.  Viral load at start was 252,000.  

10 years ago I was told I had Hep C and my gastoperson :) said I had a fast replicator...wanted to get me on tx right I think maybe she wanted to pay off her boat or something :D.  Needless to say I didn't bite.  Started going to the altar at church and praying (every once in a while) about entering a trial, though didn't know how or where.  My husband, who went through the regular tx and killed the dragon, is now UND for 4 years.  But, after dealing with him on tx I was NOT going to go through that, so waited.

Now, after being directed to the right hospital and right people I've just been entered in a trial with the above mentioned medication.  Will see how that goes.  So far so good.  Feeling a little tired and had one day of a little nausea, but not enough to put me off anything.  Am going for first blood draw on Thursday and will update after that.

I think it's important to mention I am menopausal too, so any fluctuations in mood may have something to do with it.

An interesting side note (interesting for me anyway) I had been entered into a trial that had two arms, A) experimental drug plus pegintron, or B) a placebo and pegintron.  So either way I was going to go on the regular tx.  Not excited, but ready.  Went through all the precursors and got to the point where they were going to distribute, when KABAAM! the trial was closed and I was cancelled.  I had been praying the Lord would close the door if this wasn't what He wanted for me, and BABOOM the door slammed shut.  However, that very same call that told me I was cancelled also included good news that I was slated for a different trial - this one - that involved NO interferon, a 12 week study, and a phase 3.  The Lord answered my prayers.  

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1644356 tn?1349786811
by JDB1964, Mar 21, 2012
Are you doing FISSION trial? I began this on 03/09/2012. So far, very mild sides. I  do not know the results of the 1st weeks blood draw yet but I am optimistic. Good luck with your trial!

384013 tn?1333026171
by romans828, Mar 21, 2012
JDB I haven't asked about the name of it, but will do tomorrow for my first draw.  Will update if I get a name.  Good luck with your trial as well!

1747881 tn?1546179478
by hrsepwrguy, Mar 21, 2012
Thought you might like to see this

November 6, 2011

Twelve Weeks Interferon-Free PSI-7977 Regimen Cures 100 Percent Hep C Genotype 2/3

A twelve-week course of Pharmasset’s once-daily experimental nucleotide analog PSI-7977, combined with ribavirin, cured 10 of 10 people living with genotype 2/3 hepatitis C virus (HCV) who used the regimen—without pegylated interferon—in a Phase II clinical trial. The highly encouraging results were reported Sunday, November 6, at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) in San Francisco.

384013 tn?1333026171
by romans828, Mar 21, 2012
THANK YOU for that and a big PRAISE THE LORD!  I can't believe they actually used the word CURED!  amazing.

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