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Started using a HRM

Mar 21, 2012 - 0 comments



heart rate





As we all know, treadmill and other exercise equipment will over estimate calories burned and sometimes significantly.  Mine, a nordik trac model, will show 20+% more than actual depending on the duration.  The distance measurement on the treadmill tho is right on, as at a 1% incline (to better equate to actual walking) for one mile the calorie counter on the HRM showed 104 calories.  I weigh 183, and as we all know a 180 lb person moving on flat terrain for one mile, regardless of speed, burns about 100 calories.  I was glad to see that equality.

Anyway, I have a HRM and i hope to put it to good use so I can be a little closer to the actual calorie burn than even a good guess might be!

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