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Focusing On Losing Weight

Mar 22, 2012 - 0 comments



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beating insomnia

Well, actually slept a bit last night - felt a wee bit foggy on wakening, prob caused by the neurontin, but otherwise ok. Shoulder keeps twingeing but I've so far kept it at bay with paracetomal (only ever 2 at night). Still wakening wide awake by 7:30am - but I used it productively today! Went for a 2 mile walk & was feeling pretty awesome. Until I weighed myself. Bear in mind - I am under 5 foot. I'm up at almost 10 stone (I'm 122 pounds!!) So - am now channeling all my pent-up, restless energy into losing at least 10 pounds ASAP. Hope to lose 20 in total eventually. Am drinking only water, eating lots of fruit - so it's all good for the quitting of the pills too, right?

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