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Addiction Behaviour Returning

Mar 23, 2012 - 0 comments





Sleeping aids




addictive behaviors

Am still keeping up with my weight loss plan - am watching my diet & managed another 2mile walk. So - yay on that front. But, I put all my activities into the morning: shopping, seeing about benefit, making appointments I'd been putting off because doing anything whilst on the pills just seemed like an effort. But, come the afternoon - I had nothing to do. Too many empty hours stretched ahead of me. I didn't touch a cohydro - or any codeine products. But, I did pop a Neurontin. Which I'm only supposed to use at night. I don't know if they're addictive. Honestly, it's more the behaviour that I'm concerned about - I pop a pill to avoid finding something to do. I pop a pill instead of being constructive & productive. I know the answer - keep myself busy. Find stuff to do. Well, if I don't sleep tonight - I've only myself to blame.

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