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Mar 25, 2012 - 1 comments

Hi, I do feel your pain and I understand all to well how frustrating all of this can be. I have come to realize we as people are not text book and we are not all made the same, But I dont understand just how many flair ups or how many more different Dr's I have to see before one of them actually treats me for something. The cymbalta does nothing for me. I have been on it and off since 2008. All the different kinds of muscle relaxers and the tylenol with codeine, I keep telling them nothing works. I stop taking it because I dont like feeling displaced or not in control. And I dont want to get addictted to anything. so I stop meds after a short while.

With each flair up happening more often with more symptoms they keep sending me to more spine doctors nuero Dr. and orthos and rhumetory Dr's. each one wanting all my medical reports and findings or progress report as they are called, films MRI, XRAYs and CD .NOT ONE OF THOSE DOCTORS has taken the time to read through all of it, and yet find it morally correct to charge me 300 to 450 dollars out of my pocket. WHERE IS THE DOCTOR WHO CARES......?    I am hoping that   April 2 will be my last unanswered Dr visit. I am going to a MS  hospital where I hope to get some answers.

These past few months have been real painful for me. Simple everyday tasks that I have been doing all my life I can no longer do with out assistance like taking a pot of boiling pasta to the sink to drain. The pot is to heavy for my right hand to hold. My headaches and dizzy spells last longer and Im afraid to be alone sometimes cause It feels like my head is going to explode.

Last Tuesday my oldest had to stay home from school because I could not get out of bed and never mind drive.

Today only after 45 min in a mall and 20 mins of that was spent in the carters children store trying to do a return, I had to leave because my legs felt like Jello and my feet were numb and tingling and I could not push my toddlers carriage through the mall my arms felt so weak.

My four year old says I look like a zombie because my body is often wrapped in ace bandages for support, my arms or my knee one around my lower back.

I dont consider my self to be depressed but I can sure tell you that what is happening to me makes me cry alot and feel like I cant do anything on my own. When I do wake up with little pain or tolerable discomfort I think Im gonna have a normal day I push my self to do all and be all I can be . Just to not be able to get passed dinner and I spend the rest of the day and night hurting up all night . On the couch or in a chair.

I feel like my body has been taken over by 3 seperate monsters and I dont know which monster will take over my body that day. The MS the FYBBRO or the SPINAL and CERVICAL DISEASE.

All these doctors and specialist and meds, my husbands medical doesnt cover all and alot of them are out of net work. The deductables are so high.
I am making my family broke and full of medical bills we can not pay.

I just dont know what to do or where to go to feel better.

So many family and friends dont understand what I feel or how I hurt because they dont physically see scars or cuts.

I see how they are starting to get annoyed when I leave occasions early or dont go because I dont want to ruin their plans by having to leave. This is causing me to withdraw from them and others. I cant find a job where Im allowed to sit, stand or stop typing when I want, because I hurt. I cant always go up and down steps. If I medicate with my meds then I cant function because I am on pain meds..and I get tired or zone out alittle .Its a loose loose situation

At 44 I feel like 94 and I guess it is taking over my mental being ...I just want to feel normal again.Instead of hurting all the time somewhere in my body and not feel like I cant think straight or I get confused and I forget what i want to say or what I wanted to do, sometimes I feel like words dont come easy or I slurr... And I cant get someone to help me...

Any suggestions because meds and crying dont work....

1 hour
To: littlebit667

Yes I was told I have it severe in my neck C2 C3 C4 and C5 C6 and C7 were fused in May 2010 . I was also told after the MRI and CT scan that 1 of the 6 screws in my neck is backing out and C6 and C7 did not fuse and there is movement which is causing me pain down my neck upper chest right shoulder and arm so they need to do the surgery and take out the screw before it comes undone and puntures my esophogaus they will put a longer one in and then cut me from behind my neck and kind of fish wire all of the vertabre together to ensure proper fusion .

My lower lumbar..they also told me I had aggressive degenerated spinal stenosis.

They have not told me why the joints in my fingers hurt and swell all the time where I cant bend my fingers...

I also get hurt so easy these days ..for example in pushing down the trash in my kitchen to fit more. I hurt my wrist for days.Even in holding my handbag or grocerys I ache so my husband or kids do it for me

..or my ankle are so weak and they hurt so often when walking I just feel like most days I dont have control of my body anymore...

so tired of not feeling well or normal ...I just want help..and havent been able to find the right doctor to give it to me...

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by kaclhc, Aug 08, 2012
Ya Im there now...went to another Dr. He did a CT..and EMG...said was a screw loose C6 and retrolisthesis.  Spurring mildly encroaches on the left neural foramen.  So his PA clld me today and said no surgery can fix this...I said I have apt..15 Aug. so I will ask DR. myself...And then get a lawyer too. because I had surgery just this year Feb. and was to fix my very painful shoulders...DID NOT!!! So what now...I assure you I will raise some hell...I cant live like this...IM WORSE OFF than before the surgery.

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