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Shayla--HCG Diet Round 2

Mar 25, 2012 - 0 comments



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My name is Shayla and I am on the HCG Diet.  Today is R2P2D3 and I am down 7 pounds.  For the newbies to this program, that is Round 2, Phase 2, Day 3.  Phase 2 is also called VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet).  I have released 7 pounds so far.
I lost 30 pounds in 42 days during Round 1.  I kept it off for three months and then began to slip up under stress--the sickness and death of a loved one.  I did my R1 (Round 1) with a physician and used the injection method one time daily.  This time I am using HCG pellets by Buckeye Nutritional--4 pellets 3 xs daily.  These have a pleasant taste and dissolve under the tongue.   The biggest obstacle the first few days of P1 and P2 was remembering to all three doses of the HCG.  I missed a dose my first day of VLCD, but am no worse for wear.

Differences I've observed so far are I lost one pound after the first day of loading (Phase 1 for the newbies, also called gorge days).  I don't quite know how that happened.  I read that I could load up to three days, so I gorged two more days to prime the HCG.  I did not like gaining weight, but that is how the diet works.  After two days of eating a VLCD I lost all that I gained plus three more pounds.  Psychologically this is very helpful as I need every bit of encouragement that I can get.  Another difference I observed this second round is I had headaches the evening of my first day of P2/VLCD and thus far I’ve experienced more hunger between breakfast and lunch in Round 2.  It was easy to forget to eat with the injections, but not so with the pellets.

Besides switching from injections to pellets this time, I have implemented supplements into my regime.  I am taking B12 and Vitamin C as well as SAMe and Rhodiola root.  I am also using baby oil or mineral oil as my primary moisturizer.  During Round 1, I found out about vegetable glycerin late in the game and used that as a moisturizer.  My skin really suffered because I did not know what was safe to use with HCG.  Another change I instituted this round was I also tired a little coconut oil during my last gorge day.  I was told it helps burn fat and I had a nice first day weight loss of three pounds.  I am also told some take coconut oil during Phase 2.  I am not ready to risk any weight gain, but I do plan to try it once I get down to about 223 pounds.

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