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Breastfeeding class

Mar 28, 2012 - 8 comments

Last night my husband and I went to a breastfeeding class.  I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew I had to really learn more about it and prepare myself for this.  

I was really surprised by a lot of the information and I have to say the class was excellent.  I learned so much from it and she was very helpful in giving advice, tips and suggestions.  

For any of you considering breastfeeding or maybe like me wasn't sure I could do this, I would highly recommend taking the class if you can.  I think it will relieve a lot of anxiety and just give you a better understanding of the entire process.  

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1416390 tn?1333901604
by globetrot, Apr 02, 2012
just try to get your sons to latch with a wide open mouth- the wider the better!  For some reason it does not hurt if they latch that way!  If it hurts too much- try again.  It is uncomfortable at the start- but it gets better as time passes!  It should not hurt though!  You will do great!

1386655 tn?1452097056
by journey2motherhood, Apr 02, 2012
yes, that's what they said too, wide mouth would be better. I'm going to try my hardest to make this work!

1027304 tn?1333973406
by Alexis2358, Apr 02, 2012
I agree with the wide latch.   I could never get my son to do it and it was so painful.   I was cracked and bleeding and crying every single time.   I finally resorted to pumping every feeding and you know worked great and I did it for almost 8 months (even going back to work) AND I saved enough to almost get him to a year after I quit.    So either way, never give up.  I give HUGE praise to the women who can do it and do it well, I wasn't one of them, but I was a great pumper and my son still got the nutrition he needed. :).    Good luck to you.

1405669 tn?1347567948
by wakejl, Apr 02, 2012
I got lucky with DD, and breastfeeding was a wonderful experience. Never had any pain or problems. She latched on right away after birth, and never stopped feeding (that was the one downside--she loved it so much that she would feed constantly). A couple of tips that I heard, and I'm not sure whether they are true or not: 1) natural birth makes starting breastfeeding easier because baby is more alert after the birth and latches better. 2) Whether or not you have a natural birth (sometimes that just isn't under our control!!), make the effort to put baby to your breast as soon after birth as possible (the sooner, the better!). I've had several friends who had one baby that had troubles with breasfeeding, and another that was a perfect feeder. Luck of the draw, I guess. XXXX

1386655 tn?1452097056
by journey2motherhood, Apr 02, 2012
Thank you ladies.  I appreciate your advice and support.  I'm getting a little more nervous as I get closer so I just hope I can do this.  I will give it my best try though.  

1272624 tn?1395434357
by plumber43, Apr 02, 2012
The thing I found that helped is to not wear a bra for as often as you can so you kind of toughen up your nipples!
Good Luck

1386655 tn?1452097056
by journey2motherhood, Apr 02, 2012
Thanks Mel I didn't realize that would do that.  

1386765 tn?1451164337
by pb95, Apr 02, 2012
Make sure you follow your instinct too.  I had some people trying to tell me I was doing it wrong and it bothered me a lot.  Everyone and every baby has their own style.  Good luck!

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