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morning sick

Mar 28, 2012 - 2 comments

i had nausea all day the only thing that helped was to eat, i dont no how much more i can eat but that the only think keep me from get sick. it crazy it has never been this bad i was only getting here and there not all day

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by jennavm, Mar 29, 2012
i have the exact same. I feel so sick I can't eat, but if i do eat, I feel so much better.  I find the trick is to fill your stomach with something you can handle (fruit, popcorn, chips, marie biscuits). Then when you start felling better have a little bit of decent food to get some good out of it.

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by chrismommy1987, Mar 29, 2012
i wil have to try that i have been get a small meal every few hours

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