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Home stretch

Mar 29, 2012 - 1 comments

It feels so good to be in the home stretch. It has been a long painful and heart breaking journey to get to this point. I have been finally blessed with a third child and we got lucky to be having a girl. We were always told we would have boys and if it wasn't for our loss at 20 wks 2 years ago then that would have been true. For some reason, and still don't know the reason to this day, our little boy was sacrificed but he has watched out for his sister and is going to deliver her to us. I am sadden that my father in law is not here to watch Kyleigh come into this world. I tell my husband that his dad told the man upstairs to throw us a bone for a change. We have been through so much and next Tuesday we will celebrate not only our sons 5th birthday but our 8 yr wedding anniversary. Followed by the next day bringing Kyleigh into the world. We are so thankful and excited.
  I am also so thankful to have been able to share this journey with my best friend Ola. She has gone through this journey step by step with me feeling the pain and joys of our pregnancies. Our girls will be born a day apart and she too will share a special day with my family. Ola's friendship has meant the world to me and she always knew how to ease my mind and make me stay positive. I couldn't think of a better person to share my journey with.
I also would like to thank all you medhelp ladies for your support. It amazing how women can come together and support one another even though we don't know who we are. Thank you so much.
All though I will be sad to see my pregnancy end for the last time I will be very grateful not to have extremely swollen feet and ankles, acid reflux , and the massive headaches. I will definitely miss feeling the movements and having my boys talk to my belly and kiss it but we will have Kyleigh here to celebrate life!!,I just pray she balances out the house and that she is just like me so we can gang up on

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by MrsPincince, Mar 30, 2012
Omg Natasha! It's my pleasure.  To think how we met on med help with our cycles being 6 days apart, getting our bfp's 6 days apart, both of us having girls and being able to have our daughters 1 day apart. I could go on and on about how much we have in common FOR REAL! It's just meant to be! I wouldn't have wanted to go through any of this without you! Now I get the privilige to have my daughter on Noah's b-day and your anniversay:) you're def stuck with me forever now girl!

For whatever reason we connected! I felt for you when I first read about your loss at 20 weeks. I said to myself, this girl is the strongest person I will ever know. You've over come many many obstacles that life has thrown at you and you deserve it ALL! You're my homie for life! Xoxoxo thank you for being the best friend that I've needed in my life for a long time:) here's to many many more years of friendship. Love u girl!

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