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Mar 29, 2012 - 3 comments


It may be wishful thinking or placebo effect, but I've been on Armour for 5 days and I do feel a great improvement overall (also taking adren-all and nystatin for yeast so maybe it's the combination, who knows).

Brain fog definitely lifting, fatigue improving although not there yet. Less depressed. Although they're closing my office in the city and I'll need to find other stuff!

Seriously... How the f- drs. don't know how to diagnose early and treat this better? Stopthyroidmadness makes even more sense now. I am angry for having felt like s- all these years because no one diagnosed it before, I attributed it to age, stress, whatever. Ugh. Medicine is a joke today.

I don't care that I am taking pig hormone and all this stuff traditional drs don't prescribe. It's the best thing I've done for my health in a good while! Viva dr. B!

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by Cb61998a, Apr 25, 2012
Hi, just happened across this site by accident & onto your trackers as well and wondered if you would share your knowledge or info w/ me? Are you hypo or hyper (thyroid)?  I just saw on this entry that you were talking about brain fog, depression & fatigue...of which I suffer from all as well...I take synthroid 75mcg daily, the only time I can actually tell any difference is when my dosage is increased & I seem to have a burst of energy for 2 days....then my body seems to get used to the increased amt & I am right back to no energy...and blah! I hope to hear back from you & that I can find my way back here....if I remember I found it to begin with.... LOL....

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by thethinme, Apr 27, 2012
Hi there - hope you're still around, this is a good place to learn things and get better.

I am hypo, but since taking Armour my last lab shows I kind of turned hyper (0.1 TSH, etc). I am also starting to learn things and adapting. My doctor just changed my meds as my RT3 (reverse T3) came way too high, meaning I was having too much T4 while taking Armour 30 MG twice a days. (I will be taking Armour 30 in the morning only and Cytomel in the afternoon - which is T3 only).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you don't feel symptom-free and your doctor doesn't seem to know what he's doing and or is not willing to work with you to find meds and dose that make you symptom free, it's time to find another doctor.

My doctor said i need patience to get rid of the fatigue (although my brain fog improved a lot!). But I trust he knows how to proceed based on labs and things I tell him. If you don't feel the same with your doctor, look for a new one. I prefer holistic MDs, as they look at your body as a whole, unlike traditional drs that study only how to fix what already been damaged and are not able to relate diverse symptoms and put a name to it. I am profoundly disappointed with conservative medicine and take it with a grain of salt. Good luck to you and hope you stay around ;)

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by Cb61998a, Jun 21, 2012 I am...5-10 minutes after I sent the other note/mssg...BUT I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!  Yeah me!!  So, where's my cookie??  Bahaha... So, how would I go about finding a Holistic M.D.??   I am very interested in & just starting to learn about natural approaches to all different things...however, with my own medical problems ( degenerative disc disease from my neck ALL the way down my spine to the very last disc... I just hurt my back around May 8th & was on bed rest for over 5 wks(but being a single mom of special needs twins...there was no full or total bed rest...I actually sat in my son's manual wheelchair to cook, wash dishes, etc.. But only DID the things I HAD to do around the house...I am now in a back brace which supports my back & takes most of the pressure off the disc....whew.. But I also have osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy, Hypothyroidism, and there are some symptoms I have that they don't know why I have them BUT aren't actively trying to find a diagnosis for... Like... I have abnormal reflexes in both legs & 1 arm  and decreased reflex in the other arm...when they do the reflex thingy on my legs...they don't move.. Doesn't matter where they hit on my legs with that thing...nothing.. Also, I have balance problems... I can't lift one foot off the ground and stand for even a couple of seconds, I can't stand in the shower to wash my hair & close my eyes without leaning against the wall or I will fall... But MRI'S show nothing... I can actually feel fluid inside my head also when I lean my head back to wash my hair & sometimes it actually feels like it is going to drown me...& I have to quickly throw my head forward... I had sinus surgery a few years I have problems with my smell...sometimes I smell sometimes I don't.. But I only realize it when my sense of smell returns...then I smell something & I will be like... Man, that's messed up! I haven't been able to smell for...I don't know how long but now that I can...I realize it... I guess when you have SO MUCH going on, it gets kinda hard to try & keep up w/ me & my kids & just life in general... So being able to smell or not smell some food or flowers, etc.. Is NOT at the top of my list..hahaha... Sorry to be writing a book..  Hope all is well with you & hope to hear back from you...promise not all of my responses will be this long... Just wanted to give you some basic general knowledge of my complaints...but I am grateful that I am still here & still kicking!!  :)  have a good day!!  Christy!

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