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Mar 31, 2012 - 0 comments

Where did March go? The month started off great until about March 6th. Started having anxiety attacks in my sleep after the anniversary of Dad's death.

Been up and down since then, mostly down.Fear still up but not as bad as it was. Made homemade Italian Sausage today for distraction purposes. Slept from 1130 to 530 last night without getting up. Thats good after the past two nights of anxious sleeping.

The day was kind of strange but ok. I stayed home most of the day then went out to dinner with the wife and one of my daughters. I had chicken wings! I didnt feel panicky while out but I had derealization.

I know I can come out of this funk. Actually, I was out of it a month ago and quickly got back into it. I think some of the supplements I am taking are helping me with the physical symptoms of anxiety and panic. it just takes time to heal the mind.

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