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Apr 01, 2012 - 2 comments








omg im sooo over all of this... my worst part is now constipation isnt so not nice i live in toilet atm trying to go and it hurts so much feels like im gunna push the baby out. ive tried warm water and it doesnt work :( until today i had really bad contractions and went to toilet and was trying to go toilet tooo i end up pouring blood out of my bum and ended up going but im dreading the next few days kos i know its gunna happen again any suggestions ?? seriously i cry so much atm

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by annaluna, Apr 12, 2012
why u cant drink some med??? here we have one thing called metamucil....and makes it easier...look drink more water and eat foods in beans, vegetables, here is tip eat banana first before you eat food.....just try it and let me know how it goes.....dont eat so much fry foods or frozen and try drink more water and juice less soda......but i eat banana before o eat my food it helps you go poo =)

1820473 tn?1344980763
by leesha89, Apr 12, 2012
i have so many allergies to diff things :( so i have to check all ingredients b4 even thinking about it. i dont eat fried food or fatty stuff. and only drink water not drinking anything else. i do eat lots bannanas and nuffin seems to help :( hmmmm i just hope it clear up b4 labour i dont wanna find that during labour it decides to fix itself

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