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Keep Going

Oct 20, 2008 - 3 comments

What can you do when there seems to be no hope? You can keep going.

What's the best option when you feel like giving up? The best option is to keep going.

How can you respond when circumstances are acting against you? The most effective response is to continue working your way forward no matter what other factors may be present.

All that you know is based on past experience, and yet the future does not equal the past. For right now you can take action to determine that future and to change the way things will be.

Though it can be easy to give up, remember this. When you're at the point of giving up, you're also at the point where maximum value can be created.

If you feel like giving up, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by continuing to push forward. Keep going, for the reward is closer with every step you take

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582963 tn?1483452520
by LIL_LADY24, Oct 20, 2008
I LoVe ThIs  GiVeS Me A SmiLE!     I know I am dealing with this so bad, everyday I am praying that it will happen to me I have trying this for 9yrs and its getting tiresome.  But I finally had my surgery which will give me a brighter future.  Thanks for this because my hope is short and my faith is weak.  I have faith in God but within me I feel so helpless or like im being punished for being a (simple teenager) in the past!

405370 tn?1332206110
by Houston79, Oct 20, 2008
You're so positive! I appreciate you!

229760 tn?1291467870
by rdh1981, Oct 21, 2008
This is great and so true!! Believe me when I lost my Sweet Little Baby Angel Cooper, I thought, "Hey, screw this I am done with the world", but to my surprise I am still here and so much stronger. It is because of positive people out there like you, who do not give up on things or up on people.  

Stay strong my day we will get our rewards!!!

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