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Sunday April Fools Day

Apr 01, 2012 - 0 comments

Had a decent night of sleep last night. I even felt a little normal when I went to bed but got up this morning with anxiety waiting to greet me.

having the in-laws over for Sunday brunch. I was stressing about this and Easter (my family) for a couple of weeks. You know the deal, dont want to have anyone around when you have anxiety.

Had an arugment with the wife last night. This got the 'A" going. Dont know what she wants from me and how to keep her happy.

The brunch went well but I felt a little panicky at times. Really playing head games with myself. At one point, the mother inlaw got up and left the house withouut telling anyone. The wife and brother inlaw looked all over for her. She went home and locked herself in the house. My wife called me and said her mom'is car was in the driveway but the door was locked. I automatically knew what was going on. I grab my father inlaws keys and drove over to their house.

I went inside and found her lying in bed crying. I guess she had a panic attack and just went home. She cried her eyes out to us. I guess everyone has anxiety anymore.

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