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therapist today

Apr 03, 2012 - 1 comments

Well last night was one of the worse. I was very nervous about today's appointment with a therapist. I fell to sleep in the living room and woke up at 1130.

When I got up, I was in a full panic or overwhelmed feeling. I kept thinking about today and the attack got worse. I was surprised I was able to fall to sleep. I got up a few times nervous and didnt get a good nights sleep. I called off from work today.

Went and got some blood work done. After the night I had, it was very difficult to wait in that office for as long as I did. I felt panic creeping up my back a few times. Had the test done but now I am sitting around waiting to see the therapist. Still nervous about going.

I'll update later to dicuss my session.

Well went to the therapist and didnt panic. I actually had a good unloading session with him. He had some positive things to say and I felt a little better when I left there. He is probably half my age and i am telling him my problems. I really dont have a problem except this anxiety. anyway he said I need to stop the thinking that causes the panic. Oh really?

The session consisted of me telling him everything to do with my anxiety over the last might 40 years. I covered just about every event and some of the little ones. I never really ran off to a hospital but there were 3 episodes that I really needed to get help or assistance in dealing with it. somewhere in our conversation, he told me to get my blood pressure check because Anxiety can raise your BP. well I checked it 4 times tonight and it is boarderline high 128/85 and heart rate 95 beats per minute. I have NEVER had high blood pressure in my life. My BP is usually 108/65 and a HR of 65 BP. i have to get off of this anxiety cycle. i am too old to physically deal with this ****.

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by Beautiful_Diaster, Apr 03, 2012
Sorry to hear that you're havin a tough time. Hopefully the therapy helps. I'll add you to my prayer list for tonight. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please do post about your session...
Shannon :)

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