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Back to Work

Apr 04, 2012 - 1 comments

Back to work today after taking an anxiety day on Tuesday. I dont feel panicky but I feel cautious and a little worried. Didnt sleep well last night. got up at either 130 or 230 but I dont think I got back to sleep after that. This was probably due to thinking about getting back to work.

got stressed and a little overwhelmed as the day went on. The thinking of the anxiety type thoughts didnt help either. I then received word that a co-worker's son just overdosed on heroin. She left here hysterical. Heard he was lucky to be alive at this point. What do you think hearing this does to anxiety?

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by dolphin8808, Apr 04, 2012
Ouch yea, that makes the anxiety go through the roof!!! I think sometimes we are so over stimulate ya know? With all the crap on TV, on the radio, all the "magic pills" to cure us etc...

Really sorry but glad you made it through the day!

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