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I hate me

Apr 04, 2012 - 1 comments



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I can't stop myself.  I keep binging.  I wish I was one who also purged but i'm not that smart.  instead i just keep getting fatter.  i no longer need to wear a bra.... they can sit on my stomach.  god i hate being this fat.  why can't i stop binging???  wtf is wrong with me???  

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by soma8791, Jun 07, 2012
Darling, the fact that you're aware of the issue is huge. though binging may not be the right direction its amazing that you feel the need to improve yourself. some people just dont care enough about themselves to better themselves. please know that regardless of your circumstances, you are appreciated by someone. please dont beat yourself up for over eating. its people that self medicate with substances more harmful than food. take it one day at a time. when u feel the need to binge, hold on to that feeling, find out why you're feeling that way, and nip that **** in the bud quick. you can do ANYTHING.  

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