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today was great {4/5/12}

Mar 15, 2012 - 1 comments

O prayed and the day went great. U had a couple down moments but they didn't last Long. I left the paint on the back of the truck came right back n it was gone. I guess God didn't want me to have that paint or he really wanted someone else to have it pay back for what I've done wrong!!!! Also I got real down n cried thinking I would be alown and David wasn't coming in.  Benji keeps calling leaving voice mails but I am NOT listening to them. I Gota go right now Gota color Easter eggs Wooo Whooo fun! Joseph is doing better but he said he was going to kill me! Ouch that hurts n ***** time out for now.

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by mommyjlj, Apr 05, 2012
This April the 5ths entry! Not this day!!

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