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Helpful Books

Oct 20, 2008 - 0 comments

other cookbooks


autism and diet

I have found a few recipes in these books, be they along the 'gourmet' venue, they still help in brainstorming recipes.

"Grain-free Gourmet" by Jodi Bager and Jenny Lass
                             This book contains recipes for making substitute dressing and sauces in addition to many wonderful main dishes, baked goods, and desserts.

"Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet" by Elaine Gottschall
                        This book discusses the intestinal function and what happens when harmful foods are introduced. In addition to many wonderful recipes, including almond flour bread (which is what I bake weekly for my son) it also includes a section on the autism connection to diet.

"Lucy's Specific Carbohydrate Diet" by Lucy Rosset is somewhat a compliment to Elaine Gottschall's book. It contains many more recipes as well as information about ordering staple ingredients such as dry curd cottage cheese and  almond flour in bulk.

What I have found in most of these books is recipes which contain ingredients such as nuts, fruit, and lentils. For my son's specific mutation of CSID, he cannot digest any nuts besides almonds and it took nearly one year to get him to the point where he could have small amounts of fruit with Sucraid. He can also only eat Lima Beans (Butter Beans) in small portions, and has not been able to eat lentils.

Also if you "Google" Lucy's Kitchen Shop, you can find more books, almond flour in bulk, and yogurt making machines.

One of the reasons I want to make my own cookbook is to condense what I have learned into a single resource, as well as to share only the recipes that my child has been able to eat. In the meantime, if you do locate these resources and use the recipes, please make sure ALL ingredients have been approved by your child's dietician and only give him/her small portions of similar ingredients over several days to determine individual tolerance. You may also find that over time, as your child's system is no longer traumatized, and with the help of enzymes and digestive supplements, that he/she will be able to eat more foods. My son could not eat any form of apple at first, but today he can have about 1/2 cup serving with Sucraid up to two times per day.

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