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Good Friday

Apr 06, 2012 - 0 comments

Had a so so night of sleep. Got up at 130 and was able to get back to sleep by 230. Had a couple of disturbing dreams that got me up a little nervous and feeling anxious.

The dream was that my mother passed away and I was now without both parents. I remember the lonely and sick feeling I had in the dream. Well guess what, I woke up with that feeling.

I now know that this is at the root of my anxiety. This is something that concerned me as a child. I will learn to deal with these thoughts and get through it in time.

Mowed the lawn and planning to help the HS Softball Team with practice later on. Had a few moments today overthinking that got the anxiety up. i worked out on the heavy bag this morning for 10 minutes. I am going to make an effort to exercise everyday to help with this A.

Well its Good Friday. This use to be a very special and soleum day when I was a kid. We wouldnt do anything between the hours of 12 and 3. I remenber stores closing between those hours all around the neighborhood. That wouldnt cut it today. Just a different world today than what I grew up in.

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