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Waiting on my first cycle

Apr 06, 2012 - 0 comments






My doctor wants to me to wait at least 2 periods before trying again.
I had a positive opk, then the next day I had pain in my abdomen that felt like it was my kidney, appendix or around there. It was an awful pain and I only had it for a fews hours. When I woke up in the morning it was gone. I think it just felt abnormal to me because I usually ovulate on the left side. If it was ovulation.
I didn't test for a few days, but when I did it was clearly negative. I had been concerned that maybe my hormones were still off and that's why I got the positive opk. But after having that pain, I think it was.
Anyway, I got the positive opk on a wednesday and the next tuesday I had really light pinkish spotting. Nothing the next day and brown spotting thursday(april5). I think my luteal phase is 10 days so I'm expecting my period to come.
I have a doctor appt on the 17th. Just to check and make sure things are "normal".
I want to start charting BBT and cervix position, but I think it's pointless when I haven't gotten my period yet. So I'll start updating whenever it decides to come around.

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