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What's wrong with this picture??

Apr 09, 2012 - 0 comments

So my fiance text and asked me "how are you feeling babe" I said I'm feeling ok shocking. His reply was no not shocking normal. I said no its shocking because my normal now is being a hot mess and always feeling like I'm not ok.

That's crazy wrists wrong with that picture? Idk! Its so weird now because why should a person feel like normal is not feeling ok? Why is normal not feeling normal? When did that happen??

Its crazy I'm not sure what's going on anymore I'm just going with the flow doing just to be doing moving because its wheats expected of me. I want to do things because I want to. Not because its just what is.

Sometimes I find myself doing things and not realizing how I started it our why I'm doing it. Is it just instant? Is my anxiety doing this to me? I have so many questions in my head that I have no clue who to ask and if I ask them will I get an answer or will I get the response I'm looking four?

Do I even know what answer I'm looking for in the first place? Idk I'm so confused a to whats going on sometimes. I'm trying to find a happy medium in all my madness.

Hum what to do about this? I'm not sure but I'm going to find out four sure. In the mix of all this I'm going to continue to get more healthy more happy more smiles on my and everyone around me face and find a way to continue to get my anxiety under control. That's my goal.

Love and rockets. Until next time I will say again love and rockets!!!!!!!

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