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Days 24 to 27

Apr 10, 2012 - 2 comments





clinical trials

Nothing very special to report. I've just been feeling good. Some days I feel fabulous. My fantasy is that they will become the norm. Going in tomorrow for the 28 day blood draw and wondering about my results from Day 21.

It was great to see in today's leak from the upcoming Liver Congress that 97% of 1a's on bms/7977 were UND at the end of 12 weeks of treatment. I'd be very happy if I have gone UND since the last blood result. So, overall I'm feeling grateful, upbeat, and optimistic, and my energy level is consistently way beyond what it has been over the last few years. I'm grateful too for our online community. It's so valuable to know what everyone else is going through.

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by Jimeeboy, Apr 10, 2012
Feeling good is special compared to how we felt before.  Glad to hear your doing well.  Let us know if you get results.
Have a great day!

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by UKgirl55, Apr 10, 2012
Seems like the Abbott trials and Gilead/BMS are having some great results. The more the merrier I say! Glad to know you're both feeling great.

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