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Doctor visit plus Vit D3

Apr 09, 2012 - 0 comments

doctor visit



Went to my thyroid Dr., thought he would up my Armour (yes, I am stressed about losing my insurance next month and want to reach optimal dose ASAP) but he said we can't do that (yet?). He gave me a lab prescription list with all main thyroid labs including Rt3 and cortisol... It's great not to have to beg for the right exams (as with my conservative GP).

He was sure he gave me Vit D3 on the first visit, but he certainly didn't. He recommended 5000 IU at night as apparently it helps with the sleeping as well. I started it at night, Monday, April 9. Been having trouble sleeping and with early awakening lately... Really bad.

Afternoon = breakup / relationship issues... After long weekend thinking a lot.

At night = cute MD who I thought was not into me IM-ed me... :) Is there hope to love again? I hope so although I'm discouraged :(

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