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Breakdowns are not for wimps

Apr 10, 2012 - 2 comments

Ever stand at the washer trying to remember how to wash clothes?

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by margypops, Apr 10, 2012
aww Katrinka I havent ..yet but who knows , is that happening to you,I know many folks are suffering , can I help in any way ?

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by katrinika, Apr 10, 2012
Ah... It's just been a bit too much of a year and quite a bit more... Too much of a life!  Even with all the weight off, it seems that without the organic diet and the many supplements my health is fragile at best.  

Spent a day in ER... Old wrist injury has tendonitis, and I guess it ruptured.  That wasn't reason enough for ER... nothing they could do for it.  ER was from chest pain that began while gurgling and gasping after tendon rupture.  It became so bad that I quit being able to feel wrist pain.  

All my paternal relatives have died of heart attacks younger or about my age.  :(  Two cousins and my two older brothers have beat the odds so maybe I will, too?  

Just more stress on duress than I could hold up under... Viola... Breakdown.  Had so many of these it should be old hat, but it never gets easier.  

The bad news is with each breakdown I lose more cognitive function.  The god news is with each one I learn something new about life and loving/needing people.  

Thanks for noticing.  Didn't realize anyone was reading my journal.  Guess you read about a million posts a day!  

Decided where you're moving yet?  

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