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Ran today, Yay!

Apr 10, 2012 - 0 comments

Decent workday 'cept of course boss gives me a stomach ache right off the bat, but no yelling.  She just pushes my buttons because she's so afraid of everything.  I'm just going to have to limit the actual number of words I say to her.  They just invite her to say more stuff that stresses me out.  I said I would do this last week - now I need to do it.
Otherwise, did a walk/run at the lake after work even though I was tired. It was really pretty and I was able to run farther.  Afterwards I stopped at the grocercy store and a local tv news crew asked for an interview about gas prices an dI decided to go for it even though I'm really scared about my co-workers seeing me. (they're not very nice).  Tonight I said "what the h....!"
After I did the interview, when I was in the store, I started to regret almost everything I said.  I was afraid I'd sound so stupid.
But I didn't see it on the 9 pm news and I didn't watch the 10 pm so I don't know if it aired.
Honestly I'm not totally sure which station it was!
If it did air I'll probably hear about it tomorrow.

Bad:  I'm going to bed way late again tonight.  I want to will myself to wake up early so I can finish the stuff I've put off - like wrapping a b-day gift.  Work makes me so tired - I skipped chores tonight to watch my fav TV shows.  I don't have it together.

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