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Relapsed for 2 weeks...

Apr 10, 2012 - 0 comments

Substance Abuse


tramadol abuse





...things were getting heavy.  I was getting depressed, Life was just sucking....not that it isn't now and that it won't be for the duration of the w/d.  I can't believe how weak I've gotten.  I'm determined this time.  I saw myself slipping away from family and friends.  I won't let that happen again!  I'm coming back and regaining my old sense of self!!  I tried to...really a taper.  That was a joke.  I had enough to taper and went with it.  Got down to 8 pills and just took 1 when I'd take 2 or 3. Today I have 4 left.  I'm so tired it's insane.  I'm more scared than anything.

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