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Another episode of tachycardia

Apr 11, 2012 - 2 comments

Ugh ... bad morning today. Was on my way to school, feeling OK, when my bus was hit from behind and everyone had to get off. Luckily, it had just pulled out of the station, so I started walking back to the station to take the subway train, which I usually avoid because tunnels make me nervous. As I was walking I could feel my heart going fast and it was going at 160 beats per minute. I got on the train and it went down to around 120, then got off a few minutes later and walked up some stairs, which made it go it back to 160. By the time I had gotten to class and sat down, it was in the 80s, which is pretty normal for me in the mornings. I just can't believe that such a tiny bit of exertion caused my heart rate to go up so much! Was it just a matter of anxiety? What if I had started running? What would have happened then? I'm so frustrated: why is my heart so fragile??

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by aheart, Apr 11, 2012
Hi I hope your feeling better! Have you made an appointment to see your doctor? If not you should probably do that. Not that I think its something bad but to put your mind at rest. If it is something then you will want to get it fixed and they do amazing things with a heart! Are you carrying extra pounds? If its over fifty you should pick out one of the good programs for weight loss, like weight watchers? Please let us know about your doctors visit. That sounds like it very scary! Good luck to you.

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by gothic_beauty, Apr 12, 2012
Thanks for your kind thoughts and advice, aheart!

I don't know whether or not to see my doctor about this. I would like to do so, but I have seen him so many times about my heart, and have had a whole lot of tests done. He is convinced that my tachycardia is due solely to anxiety, and that I need to work through my mental issues in order to improve my physical health. He referred me to a cardiologist who said the same thing. They both made it clear that the only thing they can do for me is to put me on anti-anxiety drugs, which I don't believe in. I would, however, like to ask either one of them to explain to me in more detail exactly how dangerous it is to have such a high heart rate. If they explain to me that my heart will not stop from these episodes, maybe I will be able to calm down and prevent them from happening.

As for my weight, I am 5'2'' and 110 pounds. I think I could lose a few pounds, but my doctor says that I am at a good weight, so I don't know. I guess I'm just going to have to put my chin up, and work on keeping my anxiety levels as low as I can without putting my life on hold.

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