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today is weird.....

Apr 13, 2012 - 0 comments

I woke up and felt a bit I hadn't moved all night.  I'm not nearly as nauseated as yesterday...just ate a bowl of cereal and it's not messing with anything yet.  My's a bit up and down....could be the vitamins not sure.  I just feel different today...and it's day 3??!!  I did take half a pill....mind you this is from taking 8 a day 3 days ago.  I hope by doing that it isn't setting me back and I'll be feeling horrible all over again.  "Tapering" has been a subject I've always been confused about.  I actually feel like I could get in a car and go for a drive or even a little 10 minute walk or so.  I"m really confused by today's "feelings"  I was totally expecting today to be horrendous...even worse than yesterday which was almost unbearable.  I can honestly say I almost feel normal.....not even the "dizzies" or to much of a foggy head.  ???

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