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34 Week Update

Apr 13, 2012 - 2 comments

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34 weeks



Oh gosh we're getting close and it's all starting to become more real as each day goes by!  Our little baby girl is squirming and kicking and running the show these days.  It's pretty crowded in there.  She's getting hiccups a couple of time a day (too cute!), and our OB confirmed she's head down and ready to go!  

I'm feeling heartburn has been worse, and I'm peeing more than I've ever peed before in my life.  My back is surprisingly in pretty good shape these days.  I'm starting to get some swelling in my feet though, and really sexy cankles by the end of the day :( haha.  I'm definitely having more trouble sleeping at night and it's uncomfortable sitting at my desk at work for too long.

Other than all the complaining I just did, I'm feeling good! :)  We're getting so excited!  The nursery is almost done.  We ordered a rocking chair that still has to come, and we've got some shelves to hang, but other than that, it's put together.  I love it! And I love wandering in there and imagining her sleeping in the crib, or getting changed on the changing table :)

We're planning on having a natural birth (no drugs) and laboring at home for as long as possible.  We're reading up on the Bradley Method in particular.  Any ladies out there have Bradley birth stories to share?  I'm getting nervous about labor and delivery...mainly nervous about trying to have a natural birth in a big hospital.  We'll be going to Prentice in Chicago and we hear almost all women have some kind of intervention there.  We took birthing classes there last month and it seemed like everyone was very supportive of the way we want to do things, so it was comforting to see that first hand.  Dave and I are doing relaxation and guided imagery  exercises at home together to prepare.  I love that special baby time we get together in the evenings :)  

Seems like all my pregnant friends on and offline are having their babies now!  So exciting! Spring is in the air for sure :)  Can't wait to share pictures and stories from our little one's arrival too :) Hope all you ladies are getting some well deserved rest and relaxation as you enjoy your new arrivals or count down the days until your due dates!

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1677620 tn?1384141101
by MeYeah, Apr 13, 2012
I am so excited for you!!! Yay! You get to meet your baby soon. I am going to enter my third trimester next week so it's so weird to think about it. Finish line awaits. So exciting. I can't wait to see your little miss.

Glad everything seems well. Happy to hear it. <3

1659605 tn?1326832547
by RobinB9, Apr 13, 2012
you're so sweet ash! sounds like things are going super well for you too :D I'm so excited you're so close to the third trimester! Do you feel like your pregnancy is flying by?! Soon we'll both be moms...that's just so wonderful and amazing! :)

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