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Two Good Days

Oct 20, 2008 - 0 comments

Realized I haven't used mood tracker or journal in days - didn't feel it was that long.  Work is going better.   Had helpful talk with psych nurse a couple of weeks ago about the balance of my life and had a good counseling meeting last week.

Great weekend - I hired a girl/woman to help me clean and organize my house and she turned out to be wonderful.  My living room is transformed and looks like a "real" person lives here.  And I have the money to buy the new futon I want.  Need to figure out how to get it from store to home and from driveway to livingroom.         I am missing having "guys."  When I was married we had "guys."
I do have a nice landlord I could ask.  He's got "guys" I know because I've seen them.

And tomorrow I'm interpreting for the State Attorney General.  She is coming to visit our school tomorrow and speak to the kids.  I already have my outfit together, but it's too late to get enough sleep. (I'm hoping to have a sec to talk to her because my dad worked in the same art studio with her husband in Chicago a couple of years ago.)

My friend Lisa was in town today and she came over to visit and we couldn't stop talking even though we both knew I needed to get to bed.  Lisa drives me crazy with her abusive marriage, but she is FUN to hang out with and very insightful.

Gonna force myself to go to bed.  I'm a little behind with my friends here, but I've got Friday off of work so maybe I can use that day to mess around on here.  Good day - two in a row!

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