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Dizziness - forgot to take meds

Apr 14, 2012 - 0 comments







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incompetent doctors

Interesting... I took a nap in the afternoon and forgot to take Adren-All and Nystatin, although I did take Armour.

So I wake up and go to the fridge and for the first time since starting the medicines and vitamins my dr. prescribed, I am once again super dizzy in a way I had to sit on the floor not to faint...

And I remembered I did not take the meds. Wow, so it means what he's giving me is REALLY helping me. My bet is it's the Adren-All that's making me not be dizzy anymore.

Who knew... I do have an adrenal problem it seems. My PCP would NEVER EVER treat me for this or suspect it's something related to this. ugh.

I am so fed up with conventional medicine, focused on lab and diagnosis that is not human-centric and whole-body centric.

f- the current days Med Schools. it seems they are going backwards and not taking humans and what they say into consideration. all that matter are the labs. guess what, if you don't HEAR your patient, you won't know what to ask the lab for! morons!

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