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Trinity-Unknown cause of leg and stomach pain with recurring fever.

Apr 15, 2012 - 0 comments

unknown cause


stomach pain


recurring fever


leg pain



Friday April 13: Trinity woke with a fever (101.3) complained of stomach and leg pain. Fever got worse as day progressed. Coughed and vomited up some mucus-clear/white bubbly. Started Tylenol and motrin
Saturday April 14: Trinity still with progressing fever. cool baths, cold wash cloths, popsicles, nothing working. Fever up to 105.2. Coughed again and vomited more mucus and some bile (she has not ate, hardly drank anything, been very lathargic all day) after talking to On call doctor, took a trip to ER. ER tested urine, found keytones. Took chest x-ray. saw an oval shape. Took second set of x-rays, still saw something, they think it may be a shadow. Told me to have her do another round of x-rays within a week. Calling it a virus. (ears, throat checked out fine) sent us home with no answers atfer midnight.
Sunday April 15: Started searching for clues and answers on internet...found this site.
I will keep posting any new information and all symptoms. She has had this happen many times before, but I never really tracked it before today.

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