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Fear of Kidney danage need advice asap thank you.

Feb 01, 2008 - 0 comments



fear of kidney damage

Dear Sir,
I have been on social security disability for some 25 years from a back injury.
I have had to have 5 cat-scans in a period between Nov 22, 07 to Dec 05, 2007
I'm 63 year old male haven't smoked for aprox 30 plus years, barely even a  social drinker.

The reason for the contrast is i had gotten a fish dinner shrinp clams mussels
that was to my dismay sitting in linguine over a sauce that had someone load it up with a terrible amount of red hot pepper flakes thrown into the sauce which i only reached after consuming the shrimp mussels and clams . Within about 20 minutes after consuming the linguine or spagetti what ever you chose to call it i WENT HOME AND I GOT  chills and  A BURNING THAT WAS A  9 ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 10  I became TERRIBLY TIRED AND MY VOICE WAS SURPRIZINGLY SLURRED .We only had bottled water and i got very tired and after waiting for it to go away i laid down and exhausted fell asleep.
The next day my wife took me to be checked and they said i had a perforated diverticulli the severity of the burning was beyound a 9 it was a 9 plus extreme.
I have never had any stomach  or intestinal problems before this.
After 17 days of antibiotic treatment of cipro and flagly on Nov .07, 2007 i was released after 5 cat scans each with contrast of 2 pitchers and then I.V. in my arm.
I am extremly concerned about the effect the contrast either one may have on my kidneys,
I fear dialisis.
I still have small amouts of air trapped in a area outside the intestines as of my last cat scan.
I am very concerned as i have been made aware of the possibility of kidney damage.
My number is 631 467 0726 with a answer machine. I have a cell phone 631 806 2969
I woud appreciate any help or suggestions or consultation advice you could give me A.S.A.P. Thank you peter mancino or Doris mancino (My wife)

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