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So damn tired

Apr 15, 2012 - 4 comments

Well another day of pain and i really dont want to do this anymore i have taken my one 12 oxy and then throughout the day have had to take 4 six hour oxy for brakethrough pain and still hurt.

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2019697 tn?1334150247
by edgyboy, Apr 17, 2012

I read all of your posts. I dont know what is physically wrong with you for being disabled but you cant give up on life and your kids. Remember, suicide is a permanant solution for a temporary problem. You need to gain control back of your life. Small steps my friend. If your so called wife wont help, do it yourself.

i really hope you find peace and move forward with your life.

2088117 tn?1334546649
by candiman010, Apr 17, 2012
Thank you . I really do try hard to make it from day to day .  I have severe pain from head to toes due to either my lower back or the severe arthritus or other problems then with the depression on top of that . guess im just a wussy i dont know . My heart cant take much more.(Atrial fibulation) been hospitalized 3 times this year already. i really am doing the best i can.

2019697 tn?1334150247
by edgyboy, Apr 18, 2012
I had a friend (my best friend growing up) that suffered from the same stuff. He eventually gave up. The thing that use to frustrate me the most about him was that he would never work at getting better.

He was always overweight, smoked too much and never wanted to do anything positive for himself. I use to tell him that he needed to learn to be his own best friend. You need to do the same. I think you have more than he had (a family with kids etc) You need to make a commitment to yourself each day to improve. Just small steps to get your self out of this pain and depression hole.

You can turn yourself around one day at a time. Those days will add up and you can be a completely different person a year from now.

BTW, how old are you and where do you live?

2088117 tn?1334546649
by candiman010, Apr 18, 2012
Im 38 and live in Hermiston Oregon.

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