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LOVE day 6!

Apr 15, 2012 - 0 comments





Day 6

This was my first post of the day, but it's more of a journal entry...
Wow!  Had a rough evening.....always get achey and slight rls at night.  Tylenol and aspirin seem to ease that up a little.  I actually SLEPT tho!  Fell asleep at 10 something and woke up around 7:15. I'll take that!! :o)  So far today....*sllight* ups and downs in emotions.  I'm not alone though so that *really* helps! Advice for anyone having some emotional probs.....go visit someone, ask a friend over...someone you love/loves you and you can trust.  Feeling little head...I dunno...dizzies/shockies???  I'll get up and just have a little funny disorienting feeling for just a sec but really only more annoying than anything.  I also woke up and realized I wasn't dreading another day.  When on the pills I noticed that I just hated going to bed because I knew another day was to come.  Now I look forward to tomorrow.  I can't express the feeling. <3  This is probably more appropriate for a journal entry but I know sometimes people need to hear a little of the positive...especially during trying times like these.  I hope everyone is doing great and hang in there!!  You deserve a clean life.  The days of agony where so worth the feeling of just this day alone! Much love and peace....

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