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Week One Fertibella

Apr 16, 2012 - 0 comments


My husband says he has this feeling in 6 wks we will be pregnant. In the five year's and only having a tubal, my expectation's are deff not high. I imagin it will happen, when my body can get it all together. At this point I have been taking fertibella for a week, and my stomich hurt's some. Im not sure if that's the pill or something I ate. I took my first pill and that night like 5 hr's after taking it, I took a ovulation kit and it was positive. 2nd pill, same thing..Postive ovulation test. 3rd pill same deal, positive ovulation test, and same on the 4th day. I didn't test the 5th day because I wasn't sure I wanted to know, But I did make sure to do the deed every day except the forth day, but woke up the morning of the 5th and made sure to do the deed. I always put a pellow under my hips to elevate me for about 15 minutes. Im doing everything I can at this point to track everything down. I never have been the type of girl to track everything and know exactlly when everything is going to happen with my body, such as a period or ovulation. Now I'v got about 5 apps on my phone tracking my every move and Im taking the fertibella, Im doing the deed everytime/ almost everytime I have a positive ovulation test, so if I don't get a healthy pregnancy within two month's well crap I mean something has to give ya know?

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