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Day 5

Feb 01, 2008 - 2 comments

Restless Legs Syndrome

Feet & legs STILL FEEL LIKE ****!!!!!  But, I did manage to go out in the world & get a massage.  Can't really sit still yet.  I'm feeling like a freak as far as mood swings....?  One second up then down....I'm usually the girl that hangs with the guys - (not so girl like with the moods) so that's something I have to keep an eye on.  
Played poker online - goodtimes!!!!  But, couldn't sit still to really focus.  This RLS NOT GOOD!

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by thenemo1, Feb 02, 2008
Hi ca girl, I hope you are mellowing out naturelly.
I want to pass on something you probably already know R.L.S. is a common problem with folks that have a high tolerence to certain meds.
This has manifested itself more past decade or so, as certain strong meds especially certain time release when mixed with regular pills have shown to cause this R.L.S.
I think posssibly you have a higher tolerence than a first time pain med person and this is a problem that may take a special kind of wisdom to work out as when you have pain you need releif.
The problem as i'm certain you know is that tolerence gets stronger not less as time goes buy.
I understand your in a quandry  and where you're coming from,.
Not knowing your job position, benefit position, financial position, time on job etc, and extent of injury it makes it difficult to be helpful. You may have options available to you but I can't possibly cover them without details.
I will be coming to the site a few times a week I am (nemo) .
I'm thousands of miles away and not even remotely involved in the type or area of work you are associated with.
But I read a lot have been through a lot and would try to help if you can relay details history current and past that may help.
Best of luck, (Nemo) Feb 02, 2008 E.S.T. 6:17A.M.

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by wcpainter, Mar 09, 2008
This high tolerence of medcine...
My ears are open, my mind is clicking...

I have Restless Body Syndrome. It gets so severe that my whole system goes haywire.
It gets worse and worse finally I pass out in exhaustion.
I hate the thought of having to rely on medicine for the rest of my life just to keep my nerves quiet.
good luck in finding your relief to this annoying problem.


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