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What is normal now?

Apr 19, 2012 - 0 comments

Chest Pain







So I've been slowly feeling better for the last few months with the exception of a few weeks of being down after overdoing it.  I went back on my own diet, not the crappy one the dietitian gave me and have since lost the kilos that she caused me to gain.  I keep hoping that I'll lose these last few issues, but I have to wonder now if this is just the new normal.  

I can deal with everything fairly well, just wish I could get past this chest pain.  The cardio workup came out clean and the cardiologist innocently asked if I'd talked to a neurologist about my pain.  Ha!  The neurologistS all insist that there is no reason for pain here.  If someone would tell me they knew the reason it might make me feel a bit better, but as it is, not knowing is kind of a drag.  Since it's flying under the radar I guess it looks to me like it could still be anything.

In the meantime, the tremors are under control.  My eyes are recovering finally.  And I'm done with the vertigo and L'hermittes as well it would seem...  hopefully not to be repeated.  

One thing is for sure, this new "normal" is quite an adventure!  

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