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Need help understanding!!!!!!!!!

Apr 19, 2012 - 2 comments



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Ok I need some help!!!! I had an IUD put in six weeks after I had my daughter on 10-15-08. I had it took out on 2-2-12. A few weeks later I had a period with some blood clots. It lasted for a week or so. On 3-24-12 I started it was a little heavy, but by 3-25-12 it stopped. On 3-25-12 I had some brown mucas discharge only when I whipped. I decided to start using OPK I got a positive on 4-16-12, 4-17-12, and 4-18-12. So me and DH did some BD on those three days. Except on 4-17-12 he couldn't ejectulate for some reason. We are planning on BD on 4-20-12. I tested again today 4-19-12 and it was negative. What are my chances of getting pregnant

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by Maybe-baby, Apr 19, 2012
sounds like u already ovulated. chances??? well u say you BD'd on those days so sounds okay. wait and see and good luck :)

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by aiyanas_momma, Apr 19, 2012
I hope I get my BFP this month.

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