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Brilliant News from Barcelona EASL, Day 37

Apr 20, 2012 - 2 comments







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100% SVR4

I am thrilled by the news this afternoon from the Barcelona Liver Congress. 100% of GT1's attained SVR4 after completing the 24 week BMS/7977 trial !!! This is the greatest news we 1's could ever hope to hear. It's true that 100% at SVR12 would be even sweeter, but most of the trial participants haven't got that far yet. Except, of course, Gonnabhepcfree who learned today that she is SVR12. Fantastic! I feel incredibly grateful to be among the few participants in this brilliant trial, especially as it's possible it may not be offered again due to profit-making calculations by Gilead and BMS. That would be a crying shame. Let's hope the partnership does continue. Slightly less perfect news for GT 2's and 3's - 91% attained SVR4 - but still outstanding. The presence of ribavirin in the mix made no difference to the results. Our trial is establishing a new paradigm in Hep C treatment. If all the 1's go on to attain SVR12 this will be the most successful clinical trial in Hep C history. Wow!!!

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by rivll, Apr 20, 2012
Wow! I cannot believe that the Ribavirin  didn't make a difference! That is wonderful news. Are you all going on for 24 weeks?

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by tanya24, Apr 20, 2012
Amazing news!! You guys on this trial are definitely all blessed and on your way to SVR!

Gilead and Bms walking away from the combo with cure rates like that, simply for the "whole pot" of gold .... "A crying shame" is right!!

Very happy for you! Thanks for sharing Hoping!

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