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Apr 22, 2012 - 0 comments


I'm on and off on Pravachol now - what a bad and lazy patient I am.  My total cholesterol has been down to 233 and HDL 48, Tri 132, LDL 144 even with my sporadic 2-3/wk 10mg intake.  So the cholesterol problem is one of my least health struggles now.

Two things bother me most - (1) my vit D level and TSH has been dropping crazy in the past 8-10 months no matter what I take; (2) my heartburn is sorta out of control at the moment.  I'm having trouble sleeping, having episodes of low BP attack, leg and knee joint pain when walk, and stomach and chest pain when lying down.  That altogether really makes me feel very miserable.

My dad died from esophageal cancer at age 66 (he has GERD for all his life) and my mom is likely going to need a heart surgery soon at age 63 (we're still waiting for the appointment with Stanford cardiologist).  I can only try to live as heathy a life as I can and pray that I'll live to 80 years old and meet my great grand children.

Anyway, tonight I ate noodle, egg, shrimp, and salmon for dinner.  The pain started around 10:30pm and has been non-stopping.  Much worse than last night, my left chest is hurting so much and I almost threw up a few times, but ended up only getting disgusting tastes in my mouth, nauseous all the time.  I ran out of Zantac. :( I think I need to start Prilosec again.  When I took it last year, it worked but I could not take myself off the medication until winter comes (seems my reflux is always worst during summer, wonder why).

I hope to find out the trigger of my awful heartburn soon.

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