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Started Ablify

Apr 23, 2012 - 0 comments










I went to a new psych Saturday. He listened to my previous diagnosis, asked a bunch of questions, and suggested that I actually have a mix of ADHD (minor), PTSD, and bipolar. This is something I've been trying to get through to my old psych with forever. It was really nice to hear my concerns validated.
Obviously it will take more visits before we really hash it out, but in the meantime he decreased my Celexa to 10mg (because I was having serious fatigue side effects) and gave me Ablify. He said to talk half in the morning and half at evening, but I have so many problems sleeping already that I've decided to just take 1 in the morning.

Yesterday I took the 10mg celexa and the 1/2 ablify. I really didn't feel any different, but then most psych meds take more than a day. Today was 10mg celexa again, and a whole ablify. We'll see what happens... I had it about an hour ago.

Wish me luck. I hate med changes, but I think this might actually be a good one.

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