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Apr 24, 2012 - 3 comments



Trying To Conceive

Ok I don't know where to start. As I have said before I had the Mirena for a little over 3 yrs I had it took out on 2-2-12 and I had a period about a week or so after it was took out. And on 3-24-12 I started bleeding it was a little heavy but by 3-25-12 it stopped. On 3-27-12 I had went to the bathroom and when I whipped I had like a brownish mucus discharge. I decide to use OPK's this month.  I tested on 4-14-12 it was negative I skipped 4-15-12 and I tested on 4-16-12, 4-17-12, and 4-18-12 all where positive. I took another one on 4-19-12 it was negative so when did I ovulate and if I did concieve when would I have concieved?

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by aiyanas_momma, Apr 24, 2012
I have also been a little nauses, moody, tired, crampy, and every now and then I feel a little dizzy and I been have some headaches. I know these are symptoms of pregnancy and signs of Af. And yes me and DH BD for 6 days after my first positive OPK. But DH couldn't ejactulate on the 2nd night for some reason.

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by jamie4321, Apr 24, 2012
its hard to say beings u skip the 15.when i use opk  i keep testing everyday untill i get my postive on the opk.dont skip testing because the day u skip u could have could have ovulated on the 15 r the 16 is what i think.hope this helps u.but if u half to try next month keep testing untill your opk says postive and dont skip so u know the day u do of luck to u.

2093372 tn?1473257954
by aiyanas_momma, Apr 25, 2012
I got three positives on 4-16-12, 4-17-12, 4-18-12. And on 4-19-12 I got a negative. I know some say that you can't get that many positives but I have read on it and there where some ladies that had that many positives. I know they say when you get your first positive that you don't have to test but I was just wanted to see if and when it would go negative.

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