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Reading Glasses for Women

Apr 24, 2012 - 0 comments






Full-framed and modeled after the collections best-seller ALEX, this style combines dark stained bamboo temples with a textured acetate front. The color, Mahogany, has been a customer favorite since the collection debuted in 2004. Glasses Go Green The new Amy Sacks Bamboo Eyewear collection, designed by Ann Sacks, combines the earthly simplicity of natural bamboo with sophisticated design to form two luxury eyewear frames for use as reading glasses, optical frames or sunglasses. Natural bamboo is one of nature's most sustainable resources. This 100% biodegradable plant has the capacity to acclimate to the environment and readily renew itself. WHY BAMBOO? Beauty The delicate grain of bamboo, whether natural or amber-toned, make it a distinctive, elegant and subtle material for use in fashion. Strength Bamboo can withstand a great deal of use without damage. It?s stronger than oak, and does not swell or shrink as woods do. Endurance Bamboo is a type of grass, and many species can grow two feet or more per day. Bamboo is a renewable resource because when harvested, it does not require replanting. Bamboo will independently grow a new shoot from its extensive root system. Stability Farmed bamboo stabilizes the earth with its roots, preventing erosion. It absorbs greenhouse gasses, produces oxygen 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees and can provide safe habitat for birds and animals.

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