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some humor on the trail

Feb 01, 2008 - 0 comments

I have found that keeping my spirits up during a medical crisis can cause severe laughter. I have heard some priceless words come out of people's mouths at doctors offices and hospitals. I want to share some of these.

1. A woman who had just had her baby in the car on the way to the hospital was in the er with her husband. My husband and I were in the next, "curtain." The doctor walks into their room and the first question out of his mouth was," So, the whole baby thing, how did that happen?"

2. A somewhat beligerent friend of a patient in the er was about to make a call on his cell phone, while in the er. A nurse who was already exasperated with the gentleman told him he would have to go somewhere else to use his cell. There was a severe thunder and lightening storm outside. The gentleman told the nurse he was going outside to use his cell. As he was walking outside with the phone and an umbrella the nurse asked him if he would like to borrow one of the doctors golf clubs.

3. The first symptom of my health crisis was uncontrollable vaginal bleeding. I live in a small town and I went to the er there. The doctor ran a CBC and referred me to an ob/gyn. I had requested an ultrasound so maybe we could find out more about why I was bleeding. The doctor told my husband and me an ultrasound was not necessary. I asked why. He responded with," Sometimes people just hemmorage. We don't know why." We were speechless. Of course after we got in the car to go home my husband said," I wish I would have thought to ask him what he does when he hemorrages."

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